Friday, October 30, 2009

Mayweather fight unlikely – Pacquiao

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Manny Pacquiao believes the biggest potential fight in boxing will never happen because Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants no part of him.

Pacquiao is training in Hollywood for his meeting with Miguel Cotto on November 14 in Las Vegas, but the pound-for-pound champion spared a moment on Thursday to evaluate his chances of fighting Mayweather, the unbeaten pay-per-view king. Although the matchup almost certainly would be a financial bonanza for both fighters,

Pacquiao thinks fans shouldn't hold their breath.

“I don't think it's going to happen,'' Pacquiao said. “I'm sure he doesn't want to fight.”

Mayweather has been circumspect about his plans for his next bout, saying only that he has never ducked anybody and would consider any opponent. In his comeback bout from a 21-month layoff, Mayweather demolished Juan Manuel Marquez on September 19 in a fight that generated more than 1 million pay-per-view buys.

Mayweather's advisers claim they haven't ruled out a bout with Pacquiao, likely among the world's few fighters who could match the American's speed. But the Filipino champion has surprisingly strong opinions about why it won't happen.

“Boxing for him is like a business,” Pacquiao said. “He doesn't care about the people around him watching. He doesn't care if the fight is boring, as long as the fight is finished and he gets (plenty of) money. ... I want people to be happy. You have a big responsibility as a boxer.”

If Mayweather and Pacquiao don't make a deal, Sugar Shane Mosley has been outspoken in his desire to fight Mayweather, even calling him out in the ring moments after his victory over Marquez. Mosley is slated to meet welterweight champion Andre Berto in Las Vegas in January.

After arriving in California last Saturday, Pacquiao has been ramping up his training regimen this week while also battling jet lag that forced him to sleep for about 20 hours on Wednesday, wiping out a day of training. Because of tax issues, Pacquiao's camp began in Manila and moved to Hollywood later than trainer Freddie Roach usually prefers.

“I'm not worried about it, because he's always known how to block everything out,” Roach said. “If anybody can do it, he can.”

Pacquiao looked fairly sharp while sparring 11 rounds on Thursday at Roach's Wild Card Gym in front of a small group of spectators including Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest and his father, Ron Sr., both avid boxing fans and Pacquiao admirers.

Pacquiao will spar 12 rounds on Saturday before gradually scaling back in preparation for his trip to Las Vegas to meet Cotto, the once-beaten welterweight champion whose combination of size and strength will be unlike anything the former flyweight champion has faced. Cotto is in camp in Tampa. Florida before traveling to the West Coast next week.

“I consider this one of the hardest fights in my boxing career,” Pacquiao said.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is the Pacquiao/Roach relationship beginning to sour?

Those who have watched HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto last night could see the change in the Pacman. It was a different side, an inconsiderate side that I had never seen before.

Roach made a comment about Pacquiao being happy over the small things before but not so much today, like when Manny came to the gym and was happy because he got a new pair of Mizuno boxing shows and showing off his new Mizuno shoes to Freddie. Well those times have changed and it seems Manny has finally fallen victim to the Fame.

Like many other star athletes once they get to a certain level they no longer cherish the little things.

Manny has gotten too comfortable wearing those silky pajamas to bed. In the episode he disobeyed Freddie, he promised Roach behind closed doors that they would leave early, but later on decided to stay a bit more in Baguio.

As Manny Pacquiao trained in the lavish Baguio gym, instead of taking a break to visit the victims he just stayed at the resort. Roach as usual sticks up for Manny during the Baguio visit he tells the storm victims that Manny could not visit them because he told Manny to train for his fight, no matter how bad Manny treats Freddie, Roach will defend Manny and never talk bad about him.

For those poor Filipino people, just one glimpse of seeing their hero Manny Pacquiao in person would of boost their morale and give them hope. Manny took time out from training to talk politics, but not visit those victims for a brief moment? I hope this was just HBO editing because that seems unlike the Manny Pacquiao image we are so used to seeing.

Even Floyd Mayweather Jr. took the time out of his training to help the homeless and give lectures to homeless youth. Mayweather showed even with all his money that he still has the time to help those less fortunate, but with Floyd Jr. people seem to overlook that side of him and focus on the negative.

I really felt for Roach, the father and son relationship that they once had or seemed to have was no longer there. As evidenced by the final scene where Manny was talking to some politician and Freddie who was fed up because no one was listening to him tells Manny that they have to leave to LA already.

The response from Manny was shocking he rolled his eyes at Freddie Roach simply to dismiss him as if he was a nobody.

Pacquiao needs to realize how lucky he is to have a man like Freddie Roach in his corner, inside and outside the ring. Roach has stuck his neck out for Manny many times. True friends like Roach always get overlooked when they get to a certain level, they forget the little people.

People like Roach are few and far between.

Watch Pacquiao vs Cotto Match


Monday, October 19, 2009

Roach predicts KO victory by Pacquiao

BAGUIO CITY - Three-time Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach here Friday predicted Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao will win his seventh title when he collides with World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion Miguel Cotto next month.

Pacquiao and Cotto will be testing each other's mettle in a blockbuster title bout on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

"Manny has been doing excellent work in his training here. We are confident we could finish the fight early to prevent Cotto from getting his second wind." Roach stressed.

In his latest sparring session late Thursday afternoon, the 30-year-old world champion floored undefeated superwelterweight contender Shawn Porter in the second round of their four-round blistering encounter with a solid left straight to the latter's jaw.

After knocking down Porter, Pacquiao also virtually mauled two-time world lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo of Mexico as he displayed awesome speed and power.

Pacquiao is on his fourth week of rigid training in this mountain resort city in preparation for the Cotto fight. Team Pacquiao will be breaking camp here on October 23 in order to catch the late evening flight for Los Angeles the following day where he will be entering the Wild Card gym on October 26 for the final stage of his training.

"Manny is nearing his peak form. We are now regulating his training regimen so that he could maintain his excellent performance in the ring until the fight. We already got our game going with the help of his supportive sparring partners," Roach added.

While admitting that Typhoon Pepeng had a slight effect on the pound for pound king's roadwork, Roach claimed they are now taking advantage of the good weather to get back lost time although the gym work is way ahead of schedule.

Earlier, Roach predicted Pacquiao will knock out Cotto in either the eighth or ninth round but said the champion's performance in recent days shows that there will be an early knockout victory for his favorite ward.

Since Cotto is known to be able to get his second wind in the later part of his previous fights, the American trainer claimed Pacquiao will be working aggressively in the early rounds in order to catch the champion off balanced to be assured of a victory.

Watch Pacquiao vs Cotto match


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cotto Highlights: Pac are you ready for This?

It is almost all about Pacquiao. Of course! He is one of the most respected boxer today. But then its time to share the fame with his next foe, Miguel Cotto.

This Pacquiao vs Cotto match will not be possible of course without the joint venture in the same ring with these two great fighters. The video below will show the power of Miguel Cotto. This Puerto Rican Champ might also disappoint Pacquiao and the fans following this fight.

Watch how Miguel Cotto have slugged and outscored his previous opponents. Dont dare to miss the fire power match this November 14, 2009.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

P1-billion prize eyed in next Pacquiao fight

LOS ANGELES — Assuming Manny Pacquiao topples Miguel Cotto from his throne in November for Pacquiao vs Cotto fight, his next bout will certainly earn him a billion peso prize – win or lose.

That is, if Floyd Mayweather repulses Juan Manuel Marquez this Saturday.

If both Pacquiao and Mayweather prevail, there will be no other bout that will make boxing fans drool from excitement but to see the current pound-for-pound king take on the former holder of that mythical title.

If everything falls into place, Pacquiao and Mayweather will figure in a collision course in 2010, a matchup so mouth-watering it has all the trappings of a record-breaker in terms of ticket sales and attendance records.

Industry sources say Pacquiao should get a guarantee of $25 million (P1.2 billion) against Mayweather plus a share in pay-per-view and ticket sales as well.

Against Cotto on November 14, Pacquiao has been guaranteed $13 million and a cut in the other revenue-generating schemes.

“Kapag nanalo kami pareho ni Mayweather, kami na (ang maglalaban). Nag-uusap na pero si Cotto muna ang focus natin. Basta nag-uusap na,” Pacquiao told a pair of Filipino scribes who were invited by Top Rank to cover the press tour and join the fighter on the private plane that brought them here from San Francisco.

Pacquiao was joined by his trainer Freddie Roach, lawyer Franklin Gacal and Canadian adviser Mike Koncz, training assistant Roger Fernandez, free-lance publicist Fred Sternburg on the 50-minute journey.

Pacquiao was supposed to check in at the Beverly Hills Hotel but opted instead to stay in his pricey house at Hancock Park where Koncz cooked up his famed steak barbecue that pleased his boss.

Pacquiao became boxing’s recognized holder of the coveted pound-for-pound crown on the strength of his sensational wins over Juan Manuel Marquez, David Diaz and Oscar De La Hoya and his hold to that lofty position was galvanized by his smashing one-punch knockout of Ricky Hatton last May.

Mayweather, who made his announcement almost two years ago, was regarded as pound-for-pound titlist at that time.

Even Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, has his sights on a Mayweather showdown although the Harvard-educated lawyer insists Pacquiao should first deal with the dangerous Cotto before salivating over the mega-buck Mayweather bout.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arum ruling out Pacquiao's tiff vs Mayweather

MANILA, Philippines - Top Rank’s chief Bob Arum, American promoter of Filipino ring icon Manny Pacquiao, expressed doubt on the possibility of his prized ward facing Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a bout pitting two of the world’s top pound-for-pound fighters.

The top boxing executive said he's having doubts that Pacquiao will take on Mayweather next if he gets past Miguel Cotto on Nov. 14 (Nov. 15 in Manila), citing problems that may possibly arise during negotiations.

"I don't think (Pacquiao-Mayweather) will happen within the next year because of all of Mayweather's posturing, the trash talk. That impedes any realistic negotiations. It would just be too difficult," Arum told Michael Rosenthal of The Ring.

Even Pacquiao's chief trainer Freddie Roach is on the same page as Arum.

"It seems like there's a lot of things working against this fight ever happening," Roach earlier told The Los Angeles Times. "It makes sense. It'd be a great fight, but it seems there’s a lot of distractions around it. I don’t think it’s going to happen."

It was earlier reported that the issue of the purse split may derail a Pacquiao-Mayweather duel, as neither fighter is willing to settle for an equal sharing of the pot.

Mayweather came out of retirement to beat Juan Manuel Marquez – Pacquiao's arch-nemesis – cruising to a lopsided victory last Sept. 19.

Asked if Pacquiao is doomed to suffer the same beating as Marquez if the Filipino goes up against Mayweather, Arum said the Filipino fighter has an entirely different style compared to Marquez's.

"Styles make fights," Arum said, citing an age-old boxing adage.

"Mayweather is a defensive specialist and Marquez is a counter puncher. Mayweather forced Marquez to be aggressive, which isn’t his game. Marquez needs his opponent to be aggressive. When Manny fought Marquez – and it’s not the same Manny now – Manny was the aggressor. Marquez was able to win a lot of rounds because he’s a good counter puncher," he added.

Arum even provided additional examples to stress his point.

"Just because A beats B and B beats C, it doesn't mean A will necessarily beat C. Look at the heavyweights from years ago. George Foreman could fight Joe Frazier and Ken Norton a hundred times each and the result would be the same, a Foreman knockout. Muhammad Ali could fight Frazier 100 times and every one would be a war. The same with Norton; he just couldn’t figure out his style. Then you put Ali in with Foreman and he's able to knock him out. Manny is a different type of fighter than Marquez," he said.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pacquiao spars with Castillo

The Philippine Champ Manny Pacquiao had finally engaged former world champion Jose Luis Castillo of Mexico in one of the sparring sessions on Tuesday in his training camp in Baguio City. This was added with the two key figures inside the Filipino’s camp where both were satisfied with the showing of the 35-year-old warhorse from Sonora state. The ex-champ Castillo proved to be a worthy spar mate according to Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser Mike Koncz, who personally picked up Castillo to spend some quality minutes with his boss.

The Conditioning coach Alex Ariza was also all paid praises for Castillo, who will likely fill in the void that will be left by Urbano Antillon. Urbano is due to return to the United States this weekend so he could get used to the local weather there as he prepares for a fight next month. Head coach Freddie Roach wanted to know if Castillo was indeed in shape as he ordered the Mexican to start off the seven-round session by going three rounds with pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao. It was known that after Castillo, Pacquiao worked with unbeaten super-welterweight Shawn Porter. So far, Pacquiao has logged a total of 38 rounds of sparring. Manny Pacquiao, who will face Miguel Cotto on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas, spars thrice a week.

This conditioning activities of Pacquiao in Baguio City is just a few on his daily dues for the Pacquiao vs Cotto match. You will see how dedicated this guy is all through out his trainings.

Lets us watch the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight dubbed as the fire power if he can beat the bigger Cotto in his quest to dominate each and every divisions he is in. Go Manny Pacquiao!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto: Pacman Highlights

The Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto fire power fight happening this November 14, 2009 ET. These two fighters will clash in same ring at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Nevada Las Vegas.

The video below will show how Pacquiao dominated his opponents in a stunning ending. Manny Pacquiao is the smaller Tyson who is a slugger and defeated many with realistic victory. This will tell how this man from the Philippines have wowed everybody on his very own especial skills in the field of boxing.

Watch This video and you will see this man on his best. The Pacquiao vs Cotto fight will tell if Pacquiao will continue on his glory being the reigning pound-for-pound king. Will this greatness of the king enough to defeat the bigger Cotto?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pacman mulls going to US earlier

pacquiao vs cottoMANILA --Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao might go to US ahead of schedule to continue his training as continued rains brought by Typhoon “Pepeng” are starting to affect preparations for his November 14 fight.

Pacquiao, who is currently training in Baguio City, is entering his fourth training week on Monday for his upcoming fight against World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champ Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas.

According to Ferdie Marquez, the musical director of Pacquiao’s after-fight concert with Filipina singer Madonna Decena, the boxer might fly to the US on October 19.

"Ang alam ko pagsige-sige ang ulan ay baka umalis na siya papuntang US baka hindi na siya bumaba ng Maynila. Kasi instead of 24 baka 19 na lang ay aalis na siya," Marquez told

Marquez said he received the information from the boxer’s close friend and musical composer Lito Camo, who wrote Pacquiao’s hit songs “Para sa Iyo ang Laban na ‘To” and “Lahing Pinoy”.

"Kasi siyempre hindi na siya makapag-training ng maayos dahil sa bagyo," said Marquez, who also works as the musical director of Camo’s band “Kalsada”.

He said Pacquiao and Decena were supposed to hold a three-night rehearsal in Baguio for the after-fight concert starting Friday (October 9) until Sunday (October 11).

"Hindi kami [na]tuloy kasi sarado na ang mga daan [dahil sa bagyo]. Kahapon niya (Pacquiao) pa kami hinihintay kaso nga hindi talaga pwede," said Marquez.

Baguio City has become virtually isolated after several landslides hit Benguet province as "Pepeng" continued to bring heavy rains over several areas in northern Luzon.

At least 45 people were confirmed killed while dozens more remain missing after landslides hit parts of Baguio City and the rest of Benguet. Threats of more landslides have forced city officials to close major access roads, literally isolating the city from nearby provinces.

Marquez, however, assured that Pacquiao is in a safe place and is still busy doing indoor training.

Pacquiao earlier planned to spend half of his eight-week training in Baguio City before flying to the US to continue his camp at Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles, California.

But his adviser Mike Koncz said Pacquiao’s stay in the City of Pines could run for 4 weeks or even more. If it goes five weeks, then Pacquiao may skip Los Angeles and head directly to Las Vegas.

The storm, however, might prompt to change Pacquiao’s plans again.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beristain, Roach predict Pacquiao win in different rounds

Hall of Fame trainers Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain and Freddie Roach are one in saying that Manny Pacquiao would score a knockout win over World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title holder Miguel Cotto in their 12-round Nov. 14 fight in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both trainers, however, have contrasting views on what round the current mythical pound-for-pound champion would end Cotto’s reign. Ignacio Beristain Beristain, the highly-respected Mexican trainer who also handled the career of former three-time World Boxing Council (WBC) light flyweight champion Humberto Gonzalez, believes Pacquiao would KO the 28-year-old Caguas, Puerto Rico native midway through their title showdown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

“I believe Pacquiao should put him on the canvas in five or six rounds," said the veteran trainer who also handled four-time featherweight king Juan Manuel Marquez and the legendary Oscar De La Hoya, who both tasted defeat at the hands of Pacquiao.

Beristain said he sees Cotto following the same path adding that Pacquiao’s speed is too much for the Puerto Rican to handle the way Marquez and De La Hoya learned the hard way when the Filipino ring icon defeated them in separate occasions.

Beristain added that Cotto is not the same dominant fighter that won 31 straight bouts ever since he suffered an 11th round technical knockout loss to Mexican Antonio Margarito last year.

Cotto showed those signs when he struggled in securing a split decision win over Ghana’s Joshua Clottey in his previous fight June of this year at the Madisaon Square Garden. Manny Pacquiao does the mitts with trainer Freddie Roach at his training camp in Baguio City Thursday for his upcoming fight with Miguel Cotto. Dave Leprozo “In the fight against Clottey, you could see some of the aftermath of what happened with Margarito," said Beristain. “Clottey is not a top-level fighter, but nevertheless, in some moments, Cotto was put in predicaments and the punches were affecting him."

According to Beristain, Cotto’s deterioration in his skills could be traced to his decision in replacing former trainer and uncle Evangelista Cotto following a physical altercation while the Puerto Rican was training for the Clottey fight.

Cotto’s former nutritionist Joe Santiago has now taken over his training.

“Before he (Cotto) was a fighter with good technique, fast and well cared for, but he doesn’t seem like himself now. He changed his coach, changed some of his habits and now, catches more punches," Beristain said. Freddie Roach Roach at first sees a dominant win by his ward on points but is now singing a different tune after seeing Pacquiao improve by the day in his Baguio training camp.

“We’ll gonna knock this (Cotto) off in the later rounds," he said shortly after Pacquiao’s workout at the Shape-Up gym inside the Cooyesan Hotel.

Roach, prior to the start of Team Pacquiao’s training camp, said that his ward will beat Cotto in 12 hard-fought rounds.

Source: GMANews.TV

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roach: “We [Pacquiao] Will Knock This Guy [Cotto] Out”

Well, it looks like old Nostradamus Freddie Roach is back to his predictions again, this time he’s saying that Manny Pacquiao will knock World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Miguel Cotto out on November 14th. In an article by Dennis Principe at Sports. Inquirer, Roach had this to say: “I picked him [Pacquiao] to win by decision, but until I started working him to this camp, the way he’s punching, his speed, we will knock this guy [Cotto] out.”

I really love the way Roach includes his name with the “we” part, as if he’ll be out there tagging Cotto as well. That’s funny. It won’t be any ‘we’ on November 14th. Pacquiao is going to be out there all by his lonesome facing Cotto and he’s going to have major problems. But I knew Roach was going to come back with a knockout prediction sooner or later. I was in disbelief when Roach started talking nice recently when he said that Cotto is a dangerous fighter and that the fight would go to a decision.

It almost seemed like Roach was trying to talk up the fight because almost no boxing fans were giving Cotto much of any chance against Pacquiao. Nothing has changed much since then, and here Roach is changing his tune by predicting a knockout win for Pacquiao. I’m wondering what Roach will say next. Maybe predict a 1st or 2nd round knockout, I guess.

He’s going to have to come up with something shocking to top his latest knockout prediction. All I can think of is he’ll say something like, “Manny is not only going to win, he’s going to flatten Cotto in the 1st round. How do you like them apples?” The media will eat it up like candy, of course. But there won’t be a knockout from Pacquiao’s side. There will be a knockout, but it will be Pacquiao who ends up getting taken out and Roach is going to end up with pie his face for his wrong prediction. I’m really looking forward to this so I can gloat and say I told you so.

I hear Pacquiao had some problems against his sparring partner Shawn Porter (10-0, 8 KO’s) in Pacquiao’s first day of sparring. I can’t say I’m surprised. Porter, a light middleweight, is fast and powerful and would probably wipe the deck with Pacquiao if the sparring went beyond three rounds. Porter’s the real deal. I don’t know that he’ll end up a champion in the light middleweight division because he’s only 5’7”, on the short side for a light middleweight, but he’s tough fighter.

I could see him beating Pacquiao up. I wonder how long he’ll last in the camp? If Roach lets him spar too much with Pacquiao, there probably won’t be enough left for Cotto to fight by November 14th. Look for Roach to start substituting the smaller, slower and weaker sparring partners, like Urbano Antillon, real quick rather than letting Porter beat up Pacquiao every day during training camp.

Roach: “Basically, we’re going to have a fast start and we’re not going to give [Cotto] any momentum.” It looks as if Roach is struck on the record of Pacquiao’s last fight against Ricky Hatton, and thinks Pacquiao can have the same kind of success if Manny bum rushes Cotto from the start of the fight. Sorry, that kind of approach won’t work against a talented fighter like Cotto.

It might work against a slower fighter such as Hatton, but not Cotto. If Pacquiao tries that approach, he’ll walk into a big right hand and get planted on the canvas on his backside. I really hope Pacquiao does try that aggressive style on Cotto, because Pacquiao will quickly find out that he doesn’t have the size or the power to be successful using that against a quality fighter like Cotto. That approach works against shot fighters and less talented ones, but it won’t work against Cotto.