Saturday, March 27, 2010

Floyd Mayweather now bitter about Pacquiao's endorsement deals?

Mayweather vs Mosley - Floyd Mayweather has been giving lots of interviews ahead of his bout with Shane Mosley lately, but can't seem to stick to the subject for any length of time.

That subject of course is the one that got away, the super fight between himself and Manny Pacquiao. Floyd seems so consumed with it in fact that the interviewers don't even have to ask about it anymore for Floyd to bring it up.

In the video below with Slam Online, Mayweather goes from which basketball teams he supported growing up to how much he thinks Manny Pacquiao made for his endorsement deal with Nike.

The first half of the video Floyd talks about his love of basketball and sports betting. But true to form he breaks into a tirade about Manny Pacquiao at around the 4.55 mark.

He then goes on to claim that Pacquiao will sign anything, stating that "Manny Pacquiao never saw a contract he didn't like". He also proclaims that he knows the amount of money that Pacquiao got from his Nike deal, which he claims was $75,000. Now for a major star like Pacquiao and one of the biggest brands out there like Nike, this sounds like a pretty low offer. Than again Mayweather doesn't disclose why he thinks this was the case and doesn't seem to have an answer as to why Nike are sponsoring Pacquiao and not him.


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