Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mosley to Defeat Pacquiao Next Month, Confident Much?

Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight Online - A month into the fight, buzzing hunches and speculations dominate the boxing world and the sports arena as well for the biggest fight this 2011. Many people speculate that Mosley is more than a robust underdog facing Manny Pacquiao. And here’s why I think he’ll get the thumbs up of the boxing world over Manny Pacquiao next month. Oops, did I catch you off guard for a moment? Hope so.

According to an ol’ reliable fight prediction expert, the fight will definitely emphasize Mosley’s string points, but what’s worse is that, equally powerful Manny Pacquiao gives the seething headache for those who want to bet for the victor. Here’s why.

Both fighters showed their flair, and I can’t deny the fact that they both are world-class fighters. Add up the fact that perhaps, Mosley’s contingent will definitely be outnumbered by Pacquiao’s legion of Filipino fans and fans everywhere, given the fact that some blue-chip VIPS even book flights to the US in order to see the match ringside. Even if Pacquiao just turned 32m he’s no freaky neophyte. One of the minor edges for Mosley would be that the setting would not be too unsettling for him. It’s his country, and nothing feels better than home.

154 pounds, all muscle. That’s definitely one big advantage Mosley has over Pacquiao plus the prime experience of a fighter also counts. Mosley is also very adept at using his torso strength and swift body punches while “in-fighting”. You don’t need to look far, watch his clip showering punches at Antonio Margarito, which proves it.

Pacquiao’s major edge by the way is his agility, speed, velocity, whatever you may call it. It’s a rarity for Mosley though, as he’s a bit cranky when it comes to speed. I’d also give my thumbs up and pinkie for Pacquiao with his punching prowess and ring generalship for that matter.

Don’t forget that several years ago, Pacquiao gradually rose to master boxer plus the fact that he moved up with his weight as well, and with Mosley’s declining acumen, he may somehow get a lynchpin at defeating Mosley.

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