Saturday, May 5, 2012

Money May Streams Workout and Boot Camp Exclusive, This Week

Watch Mayweather vs Cotto Online - It seems that Money May is ready to stream his workout starting this week. Normally, people would say that we really shouldn’t waste our time following this ridiculous stream, but this year has also proven that no live streaming is too bleak and too dull for all you boxing fans out there. Whether it was the NYSAC meeting pertaining to the extent of Margarito’s injury, or the live sentencing of Floyd Mayweather Jr., nothing is so passé for you ruthless boxing fans, so to speak.

And in the spirit of the sport, Floyd will be streaming his workout and boot camp routine down to the very last detail, that’s according to his website and official statement.

As for you, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. invites all of the boxing fans from across the globe and maybe beyond to just tune in 24/7 to his media workout starting this week on his website, What Money May wants is to give his fans and haters alike a preview of what’s hot and what’s not this coming May 5th, when he takes on the underdog Miguel Cotto live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, courtesy of HBO Pay Per View.

Following up on his usual routines, Floyd and Roger first did this coordinated pad boot camp. He might even skip rope like a jolly green joke to a song and still look as alert as ever. Don’t forget he might also hit the speed bag while multitasking, maybe even frying eggs in a pan for that matter, or talking to the phone, trash-talk his opponents, or just plain no-show mugging for the camera. Things like that. And finally, you might be surprised, fans that Floyd might just put on a bunch of weight on a head brace and do a neck workout. That’s quite lethal, don’t you think? Don’t forget about the usual calisthenics as well, we’re going to have late nights watching the streams in sheer anticipation and excitement.

Most people would just have no interest in seeing most of these shots because they have totally seen the rest of Money May’s non-sparring and non-mugging routines all throughout the HBO 24/7. Yet still, you fans might be interested in having this midweek live thread, and to tell you the truth, these streams could amp up your appetite for the May 5 main course. So don’t give a pass, watch the rest of Mayweather’s workouts only on his website!

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